Griesbach Lodge #191

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Lodge Origins

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Griesbach Lodge was formed by members of the Ashlar Club, a group of transient servicemen masons stationed at Griesbach Barracks during the late 1950s. The club met regularly and invited a number of guest speakers from various city lodges as well as other concordant bodies. The club formed a degree team and a colour guard who exemplified degrees and presented the colours in various city lodges. The degree team and the colour party wore the No. 1 order of dress of the Army.

In 1963, members of the club approached Grand Lodge with the view to forming a lodge from the existing club. The club contacted all members in the area and it was agreed that a formal application would be submitted. All the necessary forms were obtained from Grand Lodge and petitions were sent to all city lodges for their approval. Empire Lodge No. 63 became the sponsor and after all lodges approved, an application was forwarded to the Grand Lodge of Alberta. In January 1964, a series of meetings of the club were held to discuss the formation of the lodge. A slate of elected Officers was approved, the name Griesbach Lodge was chosen and a decision made that the ritual work to be practiced would be the Canadian Rite. Along with this and the names of 44 masons, the application was submitted.

The Grand Lodge of Alberta accepted and approved a dispensation to form Griesbach Lodge and set the date of 2 April 1964 for the Institution and appointment of Officers. Most Worshipful Brother Sam Hardin was the Grand Master and along with other Grand Lodge Officers, issued the Dispensation at a meeting in Acacia Hall in Edmonton. In attendance were 32 members and 102 visitors. The 18th September 1965 was an outstanding day for Griesbach Lodge, for on that day the lodge was constituted and consecrated as a Lodge of Freemasons and numbered 191 on the registry of the Grand Lodge of Alberta. The ceremony was carried out by Most Worshipful Brother Lauder, Grand Master, and assisted by Grand Lodge Officers. The Worshipful Master, T.W. Oldfield was then installed and the other officers invested under the capable direction of M.W. Bro Sam Hardin.

From Left to Right W. Bro. Tom Oldfield W.M., W. Bro. Gordon Armstrong I.P.M., R.W. Bro. Rivers, Grand Secretary, and Bro. Biff Donhou, Secretary.

From Left to Right W. Bro. Tom Oldfield W.M., W. Bro. Gordon Armstrong I.P.M., R.W. Bro. Rivers, Grand Secretary, and W. Bro. Biff Donhou, Secretary.
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